Deluxe IH Series

These internal halyard flagpoles contain a winch mounted inside the flagpole shaft, operable only with a removable crank handle. As the stainless steel cable unwinds from the winch, it passes up through the inside of the flagpole shaft, over the truck sheave to the outside of the shaft, where the retainer ring provides a sliding anchor. A counterweight, heavily coated with neoprene, attached to the retainer ring, allow the halyard to be lowered for fastening or removing the flag. The winch is gearless and self-locking at any point, eliminating the need for a separate brake. The direct drive winch provides rapid raising and lowering of the flag with little effort. This design does not require any welding, this avoiding discoloration when an anodized finish is desired. No monthly lubrication is needed asnd this winch system is easly adaptable to existing on-site flagpoles.